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Where can I study?

The following link takes you to our database which will provide you with information on each of our study abroad and exchange universities. Not all institutions offer courses for all subject areas, and some partnerships are specific to a particular Faculty, but the online search facility allows you to specify the Faculty in which your degree programme is based and will show you which institutions are available to you. 

This does not guarantee that you will be given a place if you apply, but lets you know whether your chosen University offers exchanges suitable for your subject area.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your study modules at the host University are agreed by your Programme Leader prior to beginning your studies overseas, and that you are taking sufficient modules to pass the semester/year.

Click to find out where you can study

If you have any queries regarding the exchange partners, please contact the Exchanges & Study Abroad team on

For all current students interested in International Summer opportunities with our International Partners please go to the following link and select Easter/Summer programmes in the programme selection box.

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