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Virtual Northumbria

Coming to study in a new country is an exciting experience, with many different reasons to choose to study at Northumbria University, Newcastle. You’ll be experiencing a new language and a new culture and finding your way around can seem quite daunting, however, we often talk about your time at university as a journey – one in which you will learn and grow, discover new places, meet new people, make friends for life and develop personally.

Latest News and Features

Russell Hewitson
The Design for Planet Festival, organised by the Design Council, will take place at Northumbria University in November 2022.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Claire A Baker introduces The Red Thread exhibition. Image credit, Craig McCann McMillan.
Bluejackets sailor
Newcastle quayside cityscape at dusk
Two 'sister quilts' have been created in Newcastle and Instabul as part of the Embroidering Protection project.

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