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Research Expertise

Northumbria University carries out research relevant to the GCRF challenges across several of its research centres, groups and multidisciplinary themes.

Environmental and Global Justice: Our work spans a range of areas including criminology, environmental justice, global development and law focusing on justice for people, planet and agendas for development that take account of current and future generations.

Centre for International DevelopmentThe Centre brings together academics, practitioners and students to promote research, consultancy, teaching, training and public engagement on issues of global poverty and inequality, the communities and individuals who experience this, and the policies, practices and approaches that seek to address it.

Disaster and Development Network: The DDN aims to develop through research, teaching and learning, the knowledge and skills to address hazards, disasters and complex emergencies from the perspective of different development debates and experience.

Social and Cultural Geographies:This group is interested in the co-production of space, identities, difference and inequalities through a range of geographical contexts across the UK, Europe and beyond. Relevant sub-themes within this group include: Migration, labour and identity; active living and environmental justice; mobilities and environmental issues; urban regeneration; world systems analysis and cities research; everyday b/ordering.

If you are interested in collaborating with us on research in this area, then please either contact staff from one of the themes and centres listed above or get in touch with one of our Faculty representatives:

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