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Jason | He/Him | Postgraduate Content Creator | Marketing MSc


Hi! I’m Jason, a 23-year-old recent Computer Science graduate currently completing my Master’s degree in Marketing at Northumbria University. I have been indulging myself in the fitness life for the past few years by consistently hitting the gym to stay fit and even more recently fell in love with learning and excelling at the game of basketball.

Apart from that, I am a huge geek when it comes to videogames, movies and TV shows; I tend to stay away from trailers and promotional content for these mediums to avoid getting overhyped, but once the titles are released, I will throw myself deep into them. Researching the backstory, production, soundtracks and their source of inspiration. Anything I can find to connect myself to these mediums on a deeper level. Like I said, I'm a huge geek!

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