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The purpose of Insurance is to anticipate losses which may be financially detrimental to you or the University.

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Please contact if you have any enquiries. 


Northumbria University has Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Employer’s Liability and Property Insurance for all your activities on campus. For some losses you may be asked to make a contribution towards the cost of repair and/or replacement, so taking care of your own and University equipment is important.

When you are in Northumbria Residences, there is insurance to protect your property against fire, flood, theft and accidental damage. There is an online app available to assist is showing what is covered and how to arrange ‘top up’ insurance for items you take outside your room.

Contact Endsleigh online via the website or make a claim via the online claim centre.

While you are travelling on trips arranged by Northumbria University you will also have insurance protection. Your leader will be able to provide you with a travel insurance summary, risk assessments and important contact details.

If you undertake independent travel as part of your studies, please complete the Travel Risk Assessment for Students. This should be approved by your course tutor or programme leader.

As you progress through your course you may be asked to select a work placement. Your Student Placement Coordinator will advise you on this process. Insurance should be provided by your host placement provider. If you select a placement in France or Spain the host provider may ask for a Convention de Stage. Please ask your Student Placement Coordinator for the Northumbria University standard forms and the process you will need to follow.

When you lead your own research you will be asked if you have appropriate insurance. The Ethics Online system has questions you need to respond to and forms you will need to complete. The process will guide you to ascertain high, medium or low risk activity and any special insurance considerations you may need.

Student Accommodation 

Your personal possessions are covered while you're in halls. Anything lost/stolen outside of halls won't be covered.

Claude Gibb, Glenamara House, Lovaine Halls, New Bridge Street, Trinity Square, Winn Studios - Sodexo Residences:

Student Possessions Insurance is provided by Endsleigh under policy HH1344.

Camden Court, Quay point (formerly Liberty Quay) and Byron Central (formerly Liberty Central) - (Unite Residences):

Your personal possessions are covered by Endsleigh Insurance under HH1088.


Northumbria University has property and liability insurance for all your activities on campus. The university has arranged Employer’s Liability insurance as required by law. Professional staff advising the public/external organisation’s are protected by Professional Indemnity insurance. Please refer to the Insurance Intranet pages.

Staff travellers on Northumbria University business also have travel insurance protection. A summary of cover and important contact details are on the intranet Travel Hub.

Should you consider using your own personal business equipment for work you will need prior agreement with the university. There may be insurance protection for this, but conditions and an excess (deductible) would apply. Having large deductibles/excesses with insurers, means that small claims may not be possible.

Your Faculty Resources Manager can advise whether university equipment is available and preferable for your use.

Clinical Trials

All clinical trials must adhere to the Research Ethics & Governance Handbook produced by Northumbria University.

This contains advice about insurance in relation to research, plus our procedure to ensure new research is adequately protected and adheres to statutory requirements and professional codes of conduct.

On the intranet is a form to complete so that you can identify if your proposed research is High/Medium/Low risk. The risk rating is needed for your online application.

Engineering Inspections

The University insures its pressure vessels and lifting equipment and the insurers undertake the mandatory inspections and certification of such items in order to comply with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations.


Public Liability insurance has been arranged to cover you for visits to our campuses. This is subject to you adhering to our Health & Safety policy and guidance as well as your contractual obligations.

You will need to arrange your own insurance for your business activity on site. We will require confirmation of your Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance limits, period of cover and we may also ask for confirmation you have Professional Indemnity insurance. A copy of your current insurance schedule may be requested.



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