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Funding for International Students

Find out about our possible fee reductions or discounts for overseas students below.

Northumbria University offers a range of possible fee reductions or discounts for overseas students.   

As an international student you are not eligible to apply for student loans in the UK. Therefore it is important to think carefully about how to manage your money well to avoid experiencing financial difficulties. There is important information on this page to help you. 

To avoid currency fluctuations, we advise that you transfer the funds that you evidenced for maintenance as part of your visa application, into a UK bank account as soon as possible to ensure you continue to have access to this money throughout your course. 

Opening a bank account

You should open a bank account when you arrive in the UK to help you to control your finances.  You should carry out your own research into banks before choosing to open an account.  Some banks allow you to open an account online, others you will have to visit the branch to open an account.  If you are opening an account in branch, please ensure you have the following before visiting the bank:

  • Evidence of your identity (normally your passport).
  • A “bank letter” which you can generate from your MyNorthumbria account 'letter requests'. You must specify which bank you wish to open an account with. (Please note that you can only get this letter once you have enrolled on your programme.)

Banks require evidence of your overseas residential address - Agency or PO Box overseas addresses are NOT acceptable.  Proof of identity such as a driver's licence which shows your overseas residential address may be helpful.

In addition, if you are studying here on a programme of less than six months, it is normally not possible to open a student bank account at first. Instead, you should be able to open a basic bank account, which you may then be able to upgrade to a student bank account when you have started on your degree programme.


Useful Links:

UKCISA - Opening a Bank Account


Important Financial Information

  • Don’t carry around large amounts of cash as it can be risky. Find other methods for paying for goods such as by cheque, direct debit or debit card.
  • Keep your bank statements in a safe place. If you wish to extend your visa while you are in the UK you will be required to show them as evidence of funds.
  • Keep a record of money in your account. If you receive money and you don’t understand why, or if money seems to be “disappearing” from your account then please notify your bank and the police immediately.
  • Don’t accept money from someone you don’t know. They may be criminals asking for your help so that they can launder money through your bank account thereby hiding their identity and criminal activities. You will place yourself at risk if you accept this money. Notify the police if someone approaches you to give you money or asks you to look after their money.
  • Don’t allow anyone else to use your bank account. There should be no reason for anyone else to use your account. Allowing someone to use you bank account will place yourself at risk. Your bank may become suspicious that you are money laundering or aiding someone else to do so, which is a criminal offence. If someone approaches you requesting to use your bank account, notify your bank and the police immediately.
  • Do manage your money carefully as finding sources of funding for your studies once you have come to England is very difficult.
  • Don’t ignore bills or financial problems because they won’t go away. If you don’t understand a bill or a letter, or if you are concerned about your finances then come and speak to an adviser.
  • Do pay your Tuition Fee on time. If there is a reason why you may not be able to pay your fees on time then contact University Finance through your student portal.
  • Don’t lend large amounts of money to friends because they may not pay you back and there is very little you can do to recover your money.
  • Do consider taking out contents insurance to cover you belongings.
  • If you have any questions or concerns then please contact the Welfare, Immigration and Funding Team through your student portal or at any Ask4Help point, or contact University Security on (0191) 227 3999. The number for Northumbria Police is (0191) 214 6555.

Making the most of your money by "budgeting"

A budget is a plan that you make to work out how much money you have and how you are going to use that money. It is important to make a budget for yourself as early as possible so that you can plan your money for the year. When you are making a budget, do not rely on earnings from any part-time job, as such work is temporary and often subject to change. The Welfare, Immigration and Funding web pages have a great deal of useful information to help you make a budget and some great tips and ideas about how to make the most of your money.

Don’t forget that you can benefit from a range of discounts in some shops and restaurants by showing your National Union of Students’ card (NUS card). All students who are currently enrolled at Northumbria University are able to get an NUS card form the Students’ Union reception.

Budgeting and Money Advice

UKCISA: Cost of living and budgeting

British Council

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