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Records Management

What is Records Management?

What is a Record?

A record is any information in any form, which is created, received and maintained by the University as evidence of the course of business or where it they are required in pursuance of legal obligations. Records can exist in any media from paper-based through to CCTV, emails, databases, etc. 

Most functions within the University will generate or use records on a day to day basis which means that they are a valuable asset that need to be managed accordingly. The value a record adds  to the University and the length of time it is required will be dependant upon the nature of the record itself: 

Administrative Value - Where the record is required to show evidence of former decisions or activities and which can add value to current business decisions or be used to defend against claims. 

Legal Value - Where a record provides evidence should it be required to support disputes against both current and former contracts or agreements the University has entered into and provide evidence of the University fulfilling its legal obligations. 

Financial Value - Where records showing previous decisions or actions can be used to influence future strategic decisions.

The length of time a record will be of value is outlined in the University Records Retention Schedule, which looks at the records held by the University and outlines how long they should be kept.

What is Records Management?

Records Management (RM) is the discipline of managing records throughout their "lifecycle" from the point of creation or capture though to their eventual disposal.

RM ensures that appropriate action is taken to make accurate and reliable records available to the right people at the right time by identifying which records are required to support business activities and ensure that they are not retained for any longer than is necessary. 

Who is responsible for Records Management?

The responsibility for good Records Managament at Northumbria University lies with all members of staff.

The Records and Information Manager is responsible for ensuring that staff have the tools, training and guidance required to meet their responsibilities as well as providing them with day to day advice on good practice.

Guidance material for effective Records Management can be found on these pages. These guidance documents, together with the Records Retention Schedule support the Records Management Framework. 

If you have any queries relating to Records Management, please contact the Records and Information Manager Duncan James via email or on extension 7357.

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