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Daniela | She/Her | Undergraduate Content Creator | Graphic Design BA


Hey! I’m Daniela and I am a second-year Graphic Design student. I am a curious, boundary-pushing, brilliance-pioneering and thought-provoking creative that is interested in all things design!

Creativity doesn’t stop circling my mind even when I’m resting - add that to my wish to control time, and boom – that is how I decided to start bullet journaling (a creative organizational method)! It lets my mind spiral freely and gives me a break from all of my other work while maintaining the essence of my love for this craft. One thing I’ve picked up recently and really been enjoying is tennis, so if you’re looking for a partner on the weekends, count me in!

I’m more of a coffee lover so with time I have found a bunch of cafés around Newcastle that serve the perfect cup of coffee. I, myself, have been a barista throughout my first year at university so trying new flavours and places is always a pleasure! A fun fact about me is that each year I collect the holiday cups from at least 10 different shops and keep them as my design ‘souvenirs’. I’m manifesting that one day I’ll get to design a holiday cup myself!

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