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Amir | He/Him | Postgraduate Content Creator | Fashion Design MA


My name is Amir. I'm from Iran. I speak Persian (Farsi), Turkish (Azeri) and English (obviously). My undergraduate degree was in Textile Design and now I'm studying Masters in Fashion Design at Northumbria. I'm a teacher and I used to teach fashion design and illustration courses at the University of Tehran before coming to UK.

My interest in non-binary clothing started by wearing my first pair of high heels which then lead to painting a new face on myself and art of drag. I'm also a makeup artist and the first drag queen in Iran.

Some hobbies of mine include listening to music, reading Manga, watching anime, in-line skating, yoga, spending time with friends, posting on social media and sometimes just staying in by myself relaxing and planning creative ideas for future projects.

I enjoy spending time with people who are intellectually stimulating. My friends would often call me artistic, funny, and smart. I’m a good listener and love to communicate with people and hear their stories.

“My past is an unfinished painting and as the artist of that painting I must fill in all the ugly holes and make it beautiful again” -Lady Gaga.

My future has officially started as soon as I arrived in Newcastle. I will be able to express and expand my artistic self in order to make my mark the best way possible.

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